Getting Started with Your Affiliate Program on Ago

Hello Agorians!

After testing and enjoying the Ago 3.0 trading platform, are you looking to earn crypto by spreading the word? The affiliate program is your best option. How do you get your referral link? What rewards can you earn? We answer all your questions in our new article.

What is the Ago Affiliate Program?

The Ago affiliate program allows you to be directly rewarded through the trading fees of the people you invite. Share your link with your friends, acquaintances, or via your social networks. Ago aims to ensure no abuse is used to invite new users.*

You will earn 40% commission on the trading fees of your referral. Your earnings are displayed on the “Referral” page of your Ago account.

How does Ago’s affiliation work?

First of all, bringing more users to Ago helps sustain the protocol and potentially increase the value of the $AGO token. You are directly contributing to the development of the 3.0 decentralized trading platform.

Through your network, you can generate earnings to pay your trading fees on Ago, or even generate passive income.

Note that 8 tiers are available and to reach the 1st tier, your referrals must generate a trading volume equivalent to 10,000 $AGO. Once this tier is reached, you unlock the 40% commission on the trading fees paid by your referrals. To unlock more rewards, you need to level up through the staking system.

For example, let’s take a referral using the Ago DEX to swap cryptocurrencies. The fee is 1% for this type of direct trading on the platform.

Trading VolumeFees Paid by ReferralCommission Estimate

Commissions also apply to Ago’s Futures trading. Remember, community members can optimize their trading fees through staking their AGO.

The affiliation system may evolve over time to adapt to Ago’s new services.

What are the milestones to unlock?

To progress through Ago’s affiliate tiers, you need to increase your staking levels. The higher your level, the more milestones you unlock. Here’s how to reach the levels with staking:

  • Level 1: No AGO staking required, this is the default level.
  • Level 2: 1,000 $AGO staked.
  • Level 3: 15,000 $AGO staked.
  • Level 4: 50,000 $AGO staked.
  • Level 5: 100,000 $AGO staked.

Once you have reached one of these levels, here’s how to obtain rewards for the different tiers:

Required Staking LevelStepAffiliate Volume in AGOFees Generated (1%)Commission Generated (40%)
Level 1Step 110,00010040
Level 2Step 250,000500200
Level 2Step 3100,0001,000400
Level 3Step 4250,0002,5001,000
Level 3Step 5500,0005,0002,000
Level 4Step 61,000,00010,0004,000
Level 4Step 72,000,00020,0008,000
Level 5Step 85,000,00050,00020,000

Everyone can reach the first tier without having to stake $AGO tokens. Once your referrals reach 10,000 AGO in trading volume, you are rewarded with 40 AGO.

However, to reach the 2nd tier, you must have at least Level 2 staking with 1,000 $AGO staked on the platform, and so on. If you have already staked 100,000 AGO, you are at Level 5 and can reach all the available tiers in the affiliate program.

These rewards will, of course, depend on the current price of the AGO token. We invite you to follow its price on CoinMarketCap and add it to your Watchlist.

How to generate your referral link on the Ago trading platform?

Generating your referral link on Ago is very simple. First, go to the Ago app.

  • Log in with your Web3 wallet (like MetaMask) or your email address linked to your Ago account.
  • Then click on “Referral” in the left menu.
how to login on ago et go to the referral part

Once on the Referral page, click the button to the right of the link under “Link Referral.” You now have the referral link copied to your clipboard. All that’s left is to share it with your friends and on your social networks.

how to generate a referral link on ago

As soon as a user registers via your referral link, you can track it in the “Affiliate” section and monitor your commissions on the same page.

Are you ready to help develop the platform while earning rewards? Ago is still in its early stages in the DeFi space, it’s time to get started with your referral link!

Thank you, dear community, for following us on social media, using Ago’s services, and staking your tokens. We will see you very soon for more articles on this blog.

*Ago reserves the right to disqualify users from participating in the affiliate program and revoke any commissions from users who engage in dishonest or abusive activities to earn commissions. This includes mass account creation to obtain additional bonuses, using “phishing” websites containing referral links, posting referral links as advertisements on search engines, and any other activity for illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes.

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