Staking your $AGO: what are the advantages?

Hello Agorians! 

How can you make the most of your $AGO tokens and unlock the most benefits? It all starts with staking your tokens on our 3.0 trading platform. Let’s take a look at what staking is and what it’s used for in the cryptocurrency world. We’ll finish with a short tutorial on how to stake your very first token on Ago. 

What is staking? 

Cryptocurrency staking is still a recent concept. Originally, Bitcoin (BTC) created the business of mining: in other words, to secure and validate transactions on the Bitcoin network, computing power had to be provided. Anyone in the world can be a miner, thanks to a processor, a graphics card… and generate passive income.

This activity began to be criticized, as it was considered energy-intensive to run this decentralized blockchain.

It was at this point that staking emerged: a new way of generating passive income, while contributing to the decentralization and security of the network, but in a far less energy-intensive way.

Users can generally freely store their cryptocurrencies, withdraw them and reclaim the rewards generated. Some networks or protocols have rules: 

  • Blocking period: you can’t withdraw your staking during a defined period, or you have to wait a certain number of days to withdraw after requesting it. This step ensures the long-term security of a protocol or network.
  • APY rate: the reward obtained for your staking is expressed as a % over the year. This rate can be progressive or fixed.
  • Access to functionalities: staking can bring you advantages, voting rights or any other service related to the project in question. 

Why staking on Ago? 

Ago is a DeFi protocol that aims to offer a 3.0 trading platform by bringing everything together in one place. 

Staking helps make our protocol work and rewards long-term holders. 

Initially, the platform offers several staking pools with lock-in periods ranging from 3 to 24 months. Rewards in % APY are higher if you choose to stake your $AGO for longer. For these pools, the rewards offered to participants are taken from Marketing funds.

Note that the number of $AGO to be staked is limited for each of these pools: first come, first served!

In the near future, a more traditional staking system will be introduced. Rewards will be drawn from the fees generated by Ago. We’ll come back to this in more detail soon.

As you can imagine, there are a number of advantages to be gained from staking your $AGO, so let’s take a look.

The benefits of staking your Ago

By staking your $AGO on the platform, you’re first and foremost supporting the protocol and enabling Ago to develop over the long term, while generating tokens of your own.

To launch staking on Ago, several pools are available:

Lock time3 months6 months12 months24 months
Multiplier for levels (affiliation + swap)x1x1.3x1.5x1.6
% APY6 %10 %15 %20 %

When you stake your chips on Ago, you get several bonuses: 

  • Rebate Ago: instead of receiving a fee reduction directly on your swaps, you receive a % of the fees paid in $AGO on your wallet.
  • Affiliation: when you invite other users, you receive a percentage of the fees your referral will pay on his or her transactions.

These benefits are boosted by choosing a pool that locks in your tokens for longer. Find out more below:

LevelHow much AGO in staking (also considered as points)Percentage received in AGO for swaps and affiliation
1010 %
21 00015 %
315 00025 %
450 00035 %
5100 00050 %

Let’s take an example: you stake $AGO 12,000 in the 12-month pool. Your multiplier is x1.5. You then have 18,000 points counted towards your level in swap and affiliation: this is level 3, which you reach on the chart above.

How to stake your Ago?

The steps are straightforward. First of all, you need to have an account on the platform via your e-mail address (an Ethereum wallet will be created automatically) or via a hot wallet, such as MetaMask, Brave, Rainbow, WalletConnect, etc.

  • Now go to the Ago app.
  • Log in to your account in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on “Staking” in the left-hand menu.
  • Choose the duration of staking you wish to carry out.
  • Enter the amount of AGO to be staked and validate the transaction via your wallet.

Then find your current staking in the section below. You can claim your rewards at any time and your benefits will be automatically activated on Ago!

Remember, these pools are limited and not everyone will have access to these benefits. Take advantage now before it’s too late.

This staking system is periodic, and we’ll soon be talking about long-term staking rules for Ago and long-term holders. 

Thank you again, dear community, for following us and actively participating in the creation of this 3.0 platform. See you soon on the Ago blog and on our social networks. 

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